Friday, 19 April 2019

3 ways to pause the multiplex in our heads !

Dear Reader,

Our mind runs a multiplex. There are multiple screens and thoughts running different shows at the same moment. We run this multiplex for 16-18 hours non-stop. 

My wellness guides at THAC, shared that this non-stop activity consumes energy, generates heat, releases many chemicals in the body and leaves residue. Our body is left with limited space and time to do its core functions of cleaning, absorption, repair and regeneration.

Here are three ways I found useful to pause this multiplex in our minds:

1.  Anytime: Every 2 hours, close your eyes for 2 minutes. Breathe deeply. You can also put your head down, stretch or slowly massage your scalp and face. I found that the key here is closing the eyes. This needs no props and thus can be done anywhere.

2.  End of Day: Watching candle flame (this activity is called Tratak in Sanskrit language). A taper candle works best. For few minutes look at the flame of a candle. Keep blinking every 5-6 seconds. This activity suspends internal dialogue as you are focusing on the flame. I find it more practical to do at home at the end of the day.

3.  Beginning of Day: Yog-Nidra: This is a 30 minute guided practice by Bihar School of Yoga. It’s a kind of guided meditation done lying down on a comfortable mat. Simply listen to the audio and follow the instructions. The intent is not to go to sleep, but to relax the mind. I am able to do it regularly, early morning even on a workshop day. It does calm down the buzz in my mind.

The beauty of this practice is that you can get anyone to experiment with it. This includes elderly parents, even a bedridden person. Once they see the result, they will start practicing by their own choice. This recording is available in English as well as Hindi from their App.

For ready reference, here is a link for downloading the app:

May this note help you in pausing the multiplex in your mind and focusing on what matters, one thing at a time.

Warm regards



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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Comfort zone vs true potential- a choice

Dear Reader,

In Jan 2019, I attended a very interesting session by Success Gyan – National Achievers Conference. It had some very accomplished speakers including Jack Canfield, my current favourite author. Another speaker Rajeev Talreja shared a story that you will find useful:

“There was a hunter who spotted a wolf in the wild. As he was about to shoot it, he noticed the wolf’s green eyes and fell in love with them. He decided to bring the wolf home.

He used a tranquilizer on the wolf and got it to his farm. Before the wolf could regain consciousness, he kept it in an area enclosed by an electrified fence.

When the wolf woke up, it was surprised. It rushed towards the front and got a shock as it touched the fence. It ran back, left and right fence and got the shock each time it touched the fence.

Now the routine was it will remain 1 foot away from the fence and walk in circles all day.

One day it rained heavily. The rain caused a short circuit in the fence. Many months later the wolf saw a snake approaching from outside the fence. Wolf was confident that it is safe from the snake, its natural enemy, inside the fence. To its surprise snake slithered over the fence, came inside and moved towards the wolf.

Wolf started backing off till it reached the back fence. As the snake was about to bite it, the wolf scampered over the electric fence and ran back to the wild.”

Most of us are like that wolf. We love our comfort zone and the boundaries set by others and circumstances. We accept those boundaries and do not venture beyond.

What is your electric fence? Do you belong inside the fence or in the wild of your true potential?

Remember: the wild is waiting for you. Time has come.

Here’s to your true wild potential!!

Warm regards