Sunday, 26 May 2013

11 days in May - a conversation that will change your life!!

Let this note find you noticing many coincidences / synchronicities in your life and realizing how each of them had a deeper purpose for your journey.

A friend suggested a book “11 days in May” by JD Messinger & sent me a video link: Click the picture below to see that video (27 minutes) on YouTube:

We found this video really interesting, ordered the book & read it very promptly.

Clicking on the link below, you can preview first couple of chapters of this book.,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpg

Here are some interesting points about the author’s journey in his own words!

Dear Reader

I was living the high life when it happened: A C-suite executive with a life’s worth of experience behind me and a wealthy existence all around, I couldn’t possibly have predicted that my neck would break for the second time in my life.

But happen it did, in January of 2000 – and with the crushed discs and nerves went the glass barrier that had, until then, sheltered me from the meaning and purpose of life.

While in rehabilitation, I left my body… experienced prophetic visions and powerful insights.

I desperately needed to know how and why I could experience what was happening to me – and ultimately, I needed to know who I was. But how could I publicly admit my doubts and questions? I was a CEO at Ernst & Young consulting in Singapore, one of thirty-seven distinguished graduates from the US Naval Academy class of 1981. I’d been a nuclear submarine officer and an advisor to cabinet officials. I could lose everything.

But I needed to know. I went on a quest that I hoped would answer my questions and save my sanity.

I interviewed hundreds of people, read thousands of research papers and hundreds of books. Eventually I launched a radio show to help find more answers and try to open a conversation about my questions. Ten years later, I still didn’t have all the answers but I was slowly discovering them.

(11 days in May, by JD Messinger)

He decided to write a memoir based on his quest & learnings. 5 months passed and the memoir was dragging. One day on 1 May 2012, he suddenly felt like writing fresh, it was like a conversation happening inside.

He opened a fresh word document, started typing. Typed 4 words, sometimes a sentence, without any clue to where it was going. He kept typing days & nights with little breaks and sleep. He finished typing in 11 days.

His wife asked, “What have you been doing?”
“I think I wrote a book!” he said.
“What is the book about?” She asked.
“I don’t know. I haven’t read it yet!”

He mailed the book to his publisher instead of the promised memoir. They liked it so much that it was promptly published. In few days, the book became best seller.

This book is a conversation with a voice that is very profound, logical & aware of a larger picture of life. It is very relevant, well articulated. It covers some core things that people go through in life.

May this book/video provide you clues & clarity to many questions in life that are not explained in our education & work, but are profound & important now.

Warm regards,


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