Thursday, 18 July 2013

What makes you feel big- question to a kid

Let this blog find you feeling connected, relevant and loved.

I found the following story on a website.  A simple action can have such a significant impact on a child!

Feeling BIG:

Karen and I were the proud "Parents of the Day" at our son, Michael's, kindergarten class. We had fun as he toured us around his classroom and introduced us to all his friends. We joined in for cut and paste and sewing and spent the better part of the morning in the sandbox. It was a riot!

"Circle up!" called the teacher, "It's story time." Not wanting to look out of place, Karen and I "circled up" with the rest of our new buddies. After finishing the story, entitled Big, the teacher asked this enthusiastic group, "What makes you feel big?"

"Bugs make me feel big," yelled one young student. "Ants," hollered another. "Mosquitoes," called out one more.

The teacher, trying to bring some order back to the class, started calling on children with their hands up. Pointing to one little girl, the teacher said, "Yes dear, what makes you feel big?" "My mommy," was the reply.

"How does your mommy make you feel big?" quizzed the teacher. "That's easy," said the child. "When she hugs me and says I love you, Jessica!"

Several people have shared with me that frequent hugs & I-love-yous from parents made a huge difference to their self-worth.

For parents, here is an exercise worth experimenting (for child of any age!): Tailor it in your own words, this is only the context.

-     “I found you at your best…” (share 3 events where you saw the child at his /her best)
-     “We may disagree, argue, but whatever you choose in life, whether you follow my advice or not; my love for you will remain forever.”
-     “I love you” (give him/her a hug when he/she is with you).
-     Remember to disconnect this with any other emotion or giving in to a pending demand/ proposal

May this story inspire you to make children around you feel big!

Warm regards,

Rohan Singal

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