Monday, 17 July 2017

36 questions that lead to love!!!

Here is an interesting exercise that is guaranteed to enrich your close relationships. You can even do it with your spouse to fall in love all over again.

It is claimed that if 2 people do this exercise diligently, the likelihood of them falling in love is very high. We picked this from the following article

Here is how the exercise is to be done:
1.     Put aside 1-2 hours for this exercise in a quiet place
2.     No distractions
3.     No mobiles, music, TV etc.

Step 1 – one partner reads one question, other partner replies. Then first partner also answers the question

Step 2 – 2nd partner reads next question. 1st partner replies, then 2nd partner also answers the question.

Repeat till you complete 36 questions.

Caution: Just reading the questions, doing this exercise in your mind has no benefit. The true benefit is doing this with your partner.

Wishing you more enriched partnerships.

But where are the questions!! They are given at the end of this mail!!

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