Sunday, 18 May 2014

A mail received on generosity received !

Dear Friends,

Let this blog find you practicing unconditional generosity in your life and discovering a new level of success, peace & joy.  

I had sent a mail in Feb 2014 on Gift-iv-ism, a video talk by Pavi Mehta. In reply to this mail, I received the following very touching mail. The sender consented to share this more widely (with changed names)

(email received on 13 Feb 2014)

Just a few days ago I was myself hit. Yes I say ‘hit’ by a priceless act of generosity.

My son is now studying in class 12 and is up for his board exams. Being dyslexic he needs a writer from a class junior to him to write for him.

Until he was in school this was all taken care of by his teachers but this time I was staying in the loop as he figured this out. Kids from class 11 were asked to volunteer and I was not in a completely trustful space and feeling anxious about the whole business.

I had myself spoken to the child who volunteered as well as to the teacher but after the first day of the prelims the boy who had volunteered dropped out. This added to my feelings of not being in control, not trusting etc. and I was soon losing sleep over it.

Then the class teacher called and asked me to talk to a girl who had volunteered and fix things.

I spoke to the girl ‘Reshma’ and asked to speak to her mum too –  as the class 11 exams would be happening simultaneously and I wanted to be sure that her mother was ok with her helping my son Abhishek. When I asked to visit her home, Reshma said it was not possible as her home was being renovated – and so with no chance to meet her mum, my reservations and worry sustained.

I was finding it hard to sleep and tossing in bed and praying like crazy when at 10.50pm the phone rang – it was Reshma’s mom – instantly I was worried thinking she wanted out from the commitment but instead she warmly told me that she was praying for my son to do well as was Reshma’s grandma. She said that they would ensure that Reshma came on time and that she was a good student and would manage to handle her own exams as well – she said it was karma that we had connected.  She said we have a small home and Reshma was not comfortable for me to visit her but she herself did not think it mattered and was keen to meet me and reassure me.

I met Reshma the next day and told her that what she and her mom were doing for us was priceless – big home small home was no matter – I too came from a small house and a big family but the caring and the sharing that we lived with was more important and that she should always count her blessings for example a warm and generous family.

They opened my heart and until I saw this film I have been thinking of how to repay them – now I know – I have to pass it on.

May this mail inspire you to pass on the generosity that you receive in life!

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