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2 books | Request to post your experiences of priceless contribution

Dear friends,

Let this blog find you making priceless contribution in all situations around you.

We have been researching on effect of ‘Priceless Contribution (PC)’ to the life of the contributor.

It all started with a friend Mohit Gupta (a passionate photographer, finance professional & co-founder of a community ‘Silver Nitrate Art’ which aims to promote all forms of art, sketching, painting & poetry) gifting me a book – Give & Take: Why helping others drives our success: by Adam Grant :

With many real life examples and stories this book establishes that people who have been highly successful leaders in life had one common trait: They naturally went out of the way to add more value than what they received in any interaction.

We found the concept very intriguing. In parallel, we came across concept of Gift-iv-ism by Service Space. They encourage people to engage into unconditional generosity to all with random acts of kindness, especially to peers and those who are doing even better than us in some area.

Then Mohit suggested another book “Go-Giver by Bob burg & John David Mann”. This book brought a new level of clarity, direction & joy in my work as well as in my life. It is a story about an investment banker JOE, a ‘go-getter’ who is struggling with his targets. He meets PINDAR a consultant whose success is legendary. Pindar introduces him to 5 laws of stratospheric success. These laws, along with the accompanying stories are very relevant & useful in current times.

The Five Laws Of Stratospheric Success
  1.  THE LAW OF VALUE: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.
  2. THE LAW OF COMPENSATION:Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. 
  3. THE LAW OF INFLUENCE:Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. 
  4. THE LAW OF AUTHENTICITY:The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. 
  5. THE LAW OF RECEPTIVITY:The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

The Go-Giver: A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea: Bob Burg & John David Mann

Please do read the book to truly connect & dive deep into this concept. Law #2 impacted me a lot. In the last few years my work in training & coaching has allowed me to serve just a limited number of people. The law of compensation made me rethink my business style.

Also Law #5: I was very cautious and wary of receiving gifts. The general thought was I have to now keep an account and find a way to give a gift in return. Till then it remained like a burden instead of joy. I learnt that: by being wary of receiving I’m blocking somebody else’s generosity and the universal circle of contribution.

We are now quite convinced that PC is a simple & essential route to success, joy & peace at the same time. It results in more positivity, humanness, trust in relationships and reduces struggle. In corporate life it translates into more ownership, harmony, alignment & collaboration.

What is PC (priceless contribution)?

  • Adding value by action, thought & intent
  • Being conscious of adding more value than what you receive in any interaction
  • Helping someone to help themselves: encouraging, acknowledging, (including own self)
  • Encouraging people to excel, to be their best, to take the next leap, to trust their capacity etc.
  • Acknowledging people (genuinely, dil-se, creatively, citing instances) for any action, show of excellence, progress, contribution they made to your life
  • It is intended to bring delight, progress, inspiration, calmness or to reduce turmoil in the recipient’s life
  • It is done beyond what was expected from you, what you are paid for, what is your job description. You went out of the way to do it by choice.
Who to contribute to: 
  •  Family, friends, colleagues
  •  Self
  •  Acquaintances, service providers, even strangers or brief encounters!!
Priceless: What is experienced by the recipient cannot be bought with money.

Unconditional: Done without any expectation of return from the same person or others

Current progress:

With the objective of spreading the concept of PC we are experimenting with a small group who report status of their PC out of the day’s total interactions. In this process I noticed that I now start many interactions with focus on making priceless contribution. It is leading to more enriching conversations.

Our request from you:

We need your help. We are now collating examples of PC in day-to-day real life situations. We shall use this collation to inspire more people to make PC. Can you tell us some priceless contributions made to you or by you? Some examples of PC are given at the end of this note.

2 ways to tell us:

Reply to this blog OR

We promise to circulate this collated list to all of you. The collated list may help you practice PC in your life & access a new level of success, joy & peace.

Warm regards, 


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