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Basics of Healing - A thought provoking article

Wishing you times full of insights, awareness & prosperity ahead.

Let this note find you in best of your health. I came across this article and found it really thought provoking. Some of the ideas are quite revolutionary and if they appeal to our mind, we may be able to create a life with zero illness around us. Please do give it a serious thought.

The Basics of Healing: Memories from the future of light : By Vijay and Prema Devi

Etymologically the word healing derives from ‘hael’'. It means reaching to wholeness or ‘to make whole’ not only in the physical body but integrally - also in the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Our original state is one of perfect health. All illnesses originate from the illusion that we are separated from the Divine and from who we really are. Therefore all healing involves a return to our centre.

1.    First heal our mind!!
With the exception of some apparently genetic cases which are actually karmic, unless one lives in conditions of extreme poverty, lacking adequate nourishment and hygiene, one's body left to itself remains almost in perfect health.

What sets the body out of balance are all negative or excessive emotions. They are determined by our mind, by all the multilayered conditioning we have absorbed in the past and our stubbornness in finding so many things unacceptable and being attracted to far too many others.

Therefore in order to take care of our emotions we must first heal our mind.  To do so something has to change in our spirit itself. Our mind can then reach the peace and equanimity. This can pacify and harmonize our emotions so that they no longer affect our body negatively.

2.    Fear of awakening!
All forms of sickness, from the slightest disturbances to the most serious life threatening illnesses are always, always without exception, a manifestation in a form of another fear of awakening (as mentioned in “A course in miracles”).

Whenever we reach a level of personal inner growth or evolution that other parts of our being are incapable or unwilling to follow, for whatever reason, this creates a dis-equilibrium of energies weakening the whole system, which opens the door to all kinds of illnesses in its more vulnerable points.

3.    No innocent victim or bad luck..
No illness or disturbance of any kind, at any level, ever comes to us by ‘chance’ or ‘bad luck’. The germs or viruses which appear to be attacking our system are the real cause but actually the result of a breakdown in the body's immune system, whose deeper reasons are to be found in our mind.

The patient is no innocent victim but fully responsible for his illness, although most often unconsciously.

4.    Inner alarm system
Every illness is basically a signal of our inner alarm system telling us that there is a lack of equilibrium, something wrong in our way of living, feeling, thinking and acting; that we lack something we desperately need but may not even be aware of.

If you have an alarm system in your house and one night it goes off because there is a fire or a thief, you would not just switch it off because it disturbs you and go back to sleep, unless you are insane. Yet this is exactly what one does when taking a medicine aimed merely at eliminating the symptom, and do nothing else about it.

The symptom is the alarm system in the house of our body. Until we have first extinguished the fire or chased away the thief somewhere within us the relief of eliminating the symptom can only be temporary and it will sooner or later inevitably come back, whether in the same or another form.

We must become aware of the symptom with perfect equanimity, without any resistance or condemnation, and above all completely without fear.

5.    Change in consciousness.
The symptoms point to something in us which we were unable to see or ... do not want to see. Even if we fully recover from the illness, it is essential to understand that it is never possible to return to the state we were before it. Any illness points out resistance to change something in us, and whenever we consciously or unconsciously refuse to do it... it changes it for us.

Real healing always involves a change in consciousness.

Therefore we ought actually to see our illness mainly as a very precious indication of what we must let go or what we ought to strive for.

In some cases we must not only change our diet or give up a dependency on nicotine, alcohol or drugs but even our work, familiar abode, or even renounce a partner we cherish but suffocates our inner growth; but more often what we must change are some aspects of our character and personality - which is by no means easier! - a negative attitude, a personal vision of the world as a tragedy play in which we somehow ended up with the role of the victim, some ‘rightful’ and apparently ‘justified’ anger, a sexual or lower emotional obsession, the attachment to a system of belief not kindred with our soul, the identification with a certain conditioning, a compulsion to overachieve in order to overcome a secret sense of inferiority, etc.

Only on realizing what we have to let go of and becoming free from it we grow inwardly and evolve. To heal ourselves we must recover something we lost but we are unaware of, or at least grossly undervalue how important it is, and this new awareness is impossible without widening of our consciousness.

This is why an illness can be our path to salvation.

6.    Healing force within us
Most of when we have a problem immediately begin looking outside ourselves for the solution.

But all the forces of healing are within us, not outside.

7.    Resistance to healing:
Some patients although do wish to get better, at the unconscious level resist the healing process, are attached to their illness, and have a resistance to let the illness go. The most common case is those who did not get enough love as children, passed through an illness which caused their mother to pay extra attention to them for once, and ended up associating being ill to being loved, or at least being cared for. Other common hidden reasons and motivations are:
-     Simply, to get other people's attention;
-     Enjoying playing the role of victim;
-     To emotionally blackmail someone: “See now what you did? You made me ill!” A variation of this is the attempt to make someone else morally indebted with oneself: “I did so much for your sake, sacrificing myself, until I even ruined my health!”
-     To escape one's responsibilities: I can't hold this job/look after my family/do what you are asking me to, etc, BECAUSE I AM ILL! So often people use their illness to escape the demand of others when one lacks the courage to deny them directly;
-     To punish oneself “to escape the punishment of God”. (This tends to occur particularly with patients brought up in Hebraic/Christian cultures). The subject feels guilty for something “bad” that he has done - or even hasn't but was made to feel guilty for breaking some of the traditions of his society. Having been conditioned to expect terrible punishments for this, an eternity of excruciating tortures in hell, forever and ever, at least unconsciously he now feels that as he has already been punished by his illness he will then be spared the much worse punishment of God, therefore the fear of this imaginary punishment causes him to unconsciously resist the healing process.

8.    Decision to be healed:
Ultimately, in both the subconscious and the super conscious: It has been the patient's decision to become ill, and must be his own decision to be healed.

The problem is that he is not yet integrated - otherwise he would not have been sick in the first place, apart from some very rare and special cases - but he is made of many parts and each aspect of his personality has his own little “I”, direction and will.

On some deeper level his spirit has at some time given the “sanction” to pass through the illness and unless his experience in his present body is completed eventually must give the sanction to be healed as well. Only then the right doctor or alternative healer is found, the most effective crystal, Gemstones, ayurvedic potions, acupuncture needle, allopathic medicines or whatever: they are merely like a magic ritual with whom he confirms to himself his decision to be healed, and if he was really aware of he can do so he can just do without any of them and be healed by his decision alone.

“When a person perceives himself as sick, he is perceiving himself as NOT WHOLE, and therefore IN NEED. If you too see him this way you are seeing him as if he were ABSENT from the Kingdom or separated FROM it, thus making the Kingdom ITSELF obscure to BOTH OF YOU. Sickness and separation are not of God, but the Kingdom IS. If you obscure the Kingdom, you are perceiving WHAT IS NOT OF GOD," - A Course in Miracles

9.    Accept neutrally & transform.
How do we find out all which has to be healed in us? If we perceive it as something “evil” we will never be able to heal it adequately: it is an ancient inner law that we cannot transform what we have not first accepted. (Accepting in this sense doesn't mean thinking that it is perfectly OK but not to react with any condemnation, repulsion, harsh judgments, depression, discouragement, etc.)

Some healers, especially those with a background in occultism, see themselves as soldiers (well, at least generals!) waging a war against the massed Asuras and the four knights of the Apocalypse.

With such an attitude they end up raising the levels of fear in their patients and associates, and where healing is concerned fear is the worst possible thing, for it tends to attract exactly what one is afraid of.

Then there are others blithely saying that what has to be healed is anyhow all unreal, illusory, Maya. But seeing it like that we cannot raise in us the right emotional need and loving intensity with the power to transform it. While indeed in the ultimate truth all is absolutely perfect and exactly as it should be, whatever we must heal is still a representation of the forces at play in us.

10.  Planetary healing:
There are two basic approaches:
-     The first is to focus exclusively on the positive, ignoring utterly the negative, on the grounds that whatever we concentrate upon is energized and reinforced. However, whenever the television, newspaper, etc, presents us with terrible images of yet another massacre somewhere these images sink into our unconscious and from there undermine our vision and projections of a perfect world.

-     The second approach is to focus directly on the negative in order to heal it. Ideally we ought to see objectively whatever distortion has to be healed, brought back to the Truth and the Divine Will while remaining always in a state of perfect peace and equanimity, which are the very basis of healing.

Rohan Singal