About Rohan Singal

I spent first 27 years of my life with an intense spirit of competition, high desire to prove myself, attempting to be the best in everything. I managed with going through some renowned institutions in India and scoring well there.

Then came a storm in 1997, I met a person (late) Debu Ghosh, who turned my world upside down by his question: “You are jumping around with your degrees, if I drop you in Arabian Desert, can you create a fresh life of honour & dignity?” I said: “NO!!” He showed me the world of intuition, energy fields & power of our thoughts, intention & declaration.

From there started a new exploration & journey into unknown. I resigned from my lifelong business of seeking approvals from everyone. I started doing what I love doing and stopped everything else. It came with lots of insights & shifts:
-          From being focused on winning TO assisting others to win in their lives
-          From being scared of speaking in English, TO addressing large groups on motivation & leadership
-          From being regularly ill TO being in perfect health
-          From attempting to copy others TO being myself
-          From being completely risk-averse TO taking risks boldly & choosing unknown over known

So far I have collected more than 25 years of life experiences as employee, entrepreneur, consultant & trainer. In this journey, got privilege of mentoring 300+ individuals 1-on-1 and training 2500+ individuals through workshops. I learnt to connect with and engage people of all ages and all levels.

I am on a journey of self exploration, discovering & creating my relevance and purpose in life, connecting with new levels of awareness, knowing more about this world, about my subconscious design & about my inherent dualities. There is treasure everywhere.

Journey with time:

My education included a B.Tech (Chem Engg) from IIT Delhi (1991) & a PGDM from IIM Calcutta (1994).

I started my career with Proctor & Gamble Logistics in 1991, followed by six fulfilling years at ICICI Ltd (1994-2000) in project finance and treasury.  

In 2001 I started on my own & did freelance management consulting. In 2004 we co-promoted a software company, which creatively developed a user-friendly CRM product for institutional broking houses. I learnt to build institutional relationships from zero. Our clients included most of the top institutional broking houses in India. The company got wholly acquired in 2008.

Since 2009, under the brand name: “Energy Infinite” earlier and now Rejoiss, I conduct workshops & mentoring programs for individuals & corporate teams to
-          be themselves, authentic
-          trust their own capacity, gut feeling & intuition
-          build enriching personal and business relationships,
-          surface their hidden potential & team-synergy
-          practically turn every situation into a wow event
-          sustain internal energy & personal power

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