Friday, 19 April 2019

3 ways to pause the multiplex in our heads !

Dear Reader,

Our mind runs a multiplex. There are multiple screens and thoughts running different shows at the same moment. We run this multiplex for 16-18 hours non-stop. 

My wellness guides at THAC, shared that this non-stop activity consumes energy, generates heat, releases many chemicals in the body and leaves residue. Our body is left with limited space and time to do its core functions of cleaning, absorption, repair and regeneration.

Here are three ways I found useful to pause this multiplex in our minds:

1.  Anytime: Every 2 hours, close your eyes for 2 minutes. Breathe deeply. You can also put your head down, stretch or slowly massage your scalp and face. I found that the key here is closing the eyes. This needs no props and thus can be done anywhere.

2.  End of Day: Watching candle flame (this activity is called Tratak in Sanskrit language). A taper candle works best. For few minutes look at the flame of a candle. Keep blinking every 5-6 seconds. This activity suspends internal dialogue as you are focusing on the flame. I find it more practical to do at home at the end of the day.

3.  Beginning of Day: Yog-Nidra: This is a 30 minute guided practice by Bihar School of Yoga. It’s a kind of guided meditation done lying down on a comfortable mat. Simply listen to the audio and follow the instructions. The intent is not to go to sleep, but to relax the mind. I am able to do it regularly, early morning even on a workshop day. It does calm down the buzz in my mind.

The beauty of this practice is that you can get anyone to experiment with it. This includes elderly parents, even a bedridden person. Once they see the result, they will start practicing by their own choice. This recording is available in English as well as Hindi from their App.

For ready reference, here is a link for downloading the app:

May this note help you in pausing the multiplex in your mind and focusing on what matters, one thing at a time.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Build Authentic Relationships - 4.5 hour online workshop

  • Have you ever exploded with anger when someone let you down (iMad)? Have you wondered if there is a better way to put across you anger and frustration?
  • Have you been let down by a peer or junior and you chose to stay silent to prevent upsetting the other person (iSad)?
  • Were you ever blamed without your mistake by a boss / peer/ customer (or anyone with perceived power) and you checked out and felt drained (iSad)?
  • Have you ever silently accepted instructions from someone in authority knowing that it was not good for the company or you (iSad)?
  • Have you ever said yes when you wanted to say No?
  • Have you ever stayed silent when you had a contrary opinion?
  • Did your bright idea ever got dismissed by your team because you did not attempt to convince them enough?

If you answered yes to any of them, this workshop is for you.

Here you will learn how to

  • Convert any iMad or iSad situation to iGlad situation
  • Create an authentic dialogue to resolve conflicts with people who matter in your life
  • Speak up and be authentic in difficult situations

This is a workshop specially designed in the current times of lockdown. The need for authenticity in relationships is more than ever before. Whether with your office teams or at home. There are more chances of iMad and iSad situations now. It is the right time to arm yourself with a tool, that will help you be a balanced leader who can inspire others with quality conversations.

The core content includes the following:

  • Learn, understand the concepts on conflict, emotional hijack, empathy, authenticity
  • Practice in small groups – work on your own real conflict situation & create an authentic dialogue
  • Present solutions to full team & get an opportunity to be coached


This 4.5 hour workshop is divided into 2 parts.
  • Day 1: 4 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Day 2: 4 pm to 6 pm 
Focused workshops:
In addition to a general workshop, we now have separate workshops focused on a type of relationship:
  • General (all types of relationships)
  • With spouse
  • With colleagues
  • With children
Fees for any of these workshops:
  • Rs. 6000 + 18% GST per participant 
Payment Link
8-9 May 2020
15-16 May 2020

About the facilitator

Rohan Singal is a workplace collaboration specialist, trainer and author. He has trained and mentored more than 4000 individuals. He is an MBA from IIM Calcutta and BTech from IIT Delhi.

Rohan is on a Mission - 1 million A.P.I.: to help more than a million lives to enhance Authenticity in relationships, Surface true Potential and Prosperity, Boost inner Immunity.

He is co-founder of Rejoiss Learning, a leadership training firm. He and his team help leaders globally to enhance their ownership of results and relationship and convert conflict into collaboration.

In his 27 years of experience, he has played role of an employee, employer, consultant and trainer. He has worked for ICICI Bank in project finance & treasury and with Proctor & Gamble in logistics. He has consulted with many reputed organizations and has also experienced a ‘start-up to sale’ cycle with a technology company as co-founder.

After living most of his life avoiding conflict, confrontation and criticism, he has discovered that in conflict and confrontation lies the key to authentic relationships and collaboration. His E.A.R. framework (Diffusing conflict by an authentic dialogue with Empathy, Authenticity & Respect) has been successfully implemented by many organizations.

Follow him on his blog:

Releasing soon!
Hi Conflict! Bye Conflict!
How to get teams to collaborate despite conflict

In Hi conflict, Bye Conflict, Rohan Singal shares with you a simple and proven framework for turning any conflict into collaboration. This framework will help you create collaborative, authentic teams who channelize their energy towards top performance. Using this knowledge, you will be able to empower your teams to resolve conflicts themselves, instead of escalating or letting them fester. It will thus free your time and mind space for bigger goals and new ideas.

The framework can be used to build enriching, joyful, open relationships, not only at work but also at personal level.

This book is for business leaders. It facilitates a paradigm shift in thinking and approach on how to engage in difficult conversations. It integrates empathy, authenticity and respect to create an authentic dialogue in any situation.

This book also includes Rohan’s interviews with successful leaders, and their insights on how to transform unresolved conflicts to collaborative relationships.