Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Creating quality connections one conversation at a time

Dear Reader,

Consider the following statement by Shawn Achor, a Harvard Lecturer:

“... a study of over 350 employees in 60 business units at a financial services company found that the greatest predictor of a team’s achievement was how the members felt about one another.” 

Many corporate professionals may say that they have no time for this touchy-feely stuff, they have bigger goals to achieve. We have discovered that the impact each leader has on his/her colleagues is a critical parameter that contributes to team’s success.   

As mentioned in my last email, we found a way to measure that impact in a secret ballot, authentic way and created Rejoiss Leadership index. We use the terms “Encouraging”, “Transactional” and “Discouraging” to categorise the impact and influence people have on each other.

The results of Rejoiss Leadership Index surveys conducted across the world, show that more than 40% of relationships among colleagues were transactional: neither encouraging, nor discouraging.

We are often asked how to convert transactional relationships to empowering ones without interfering or sounding fake? One answer to that question is: with conversations which show your interest and care for the other person.

Conversations topics like politics, sports, financial markets, business etc. are popular. However, they don’t give us the opportunity to know the real person and hence keeps the relationship at a transactional level.

Here are some conversation starters you can experiment with to invoke personal experience sharing without intruding:

May this mail give you new clues to build stronger empowering connections in your life, first at the family dinner table, then with friends and colleagues.