Thursday, 19 December 2019

How to negotiate your life better - tips from an ex-FBI agent

Dear Reader,

Have you ever felt that you got a raw deal from a discussion or negotiation? Have you cringed when someone tries to negotiate with you on something that is important to you? Do you avoid asking for a better deal, upgrade, discount etc.? Do you get upset when someone tries to lowball you by offering a ridiculously low price compared to your offer price? This mail is for you!

Few months back a dear friend Tarun recommended a book on negotiation. I had an intent to improve my negotiation skills. I wanted to do it without compromising my values and without manipulating.

This book is an amazing read for all the above. “Never Split the difference:  Negotiating as if your life depended on it” by Chris Voss. I heard it using audible. This link will take you to the audible option

I was going on a vacation and heard the book on the way. The narrator does it in style, while keeping you gripped with one story after another, interspersed with insights. At so many places, I could recall my life, where I took the easy way out and got disengaged and reconciled with a poor choice.

This book has lot of practical tips and strategies that will allow you to get better deals in life. It even includes negotiating with kids on sleep time!

Here is a small tip I learnt and used successfully in several situations. Suppose someone goes silent on you and is not replying to your message / email / request despite multiple follow ups. Here is one line that will get you an answer! And probably explaining the reason for silence.

“Dear (name). Have you given up on my request for (fill your exact request here)? “

If you get a message of this kind from me, you know I learnt it from this book!! Try it and see the magic.

Happy negotiating.