Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A very useful app for managing tasks & activities

Let this blog find you managing lots of activities around you very effectively!

For a long time, I have been immersed in all kinds of activities that need to be done now or later. The rate at which these tasks gets generated is quite high. The tasks can get generated in a meeting, or anywhere actually. It is just a thought or a decision.

Now these activities many times need to be done by someone else, working with us or working for us. How do we track, inform and ensure we all are a the same page?

In this search someone recommended wunderlist app (www.wunderlist.com). You may want to try this on your android phone/PC/Mac/i-phone/i-pad.

It is one of the best APP I have found so far which seamlessly integrates between various devices. It has a desktop version as well.

Here are some effective uses I found:

1.   I think of a task that a colleague needs to do, I remember it at 11 pm. Or I may be in a different time zone. What are my choices?.

  • Disturb that person with Sms or call?

  • Note in my own task list and remember to communicate it later?
  • Send an Email?
  • What if I forget? Even if I send a mail, I need to later collate all such tasks and ensure that all are addressed. This app handles it beautifully.

Best part is when my colleague opens the app on computer or mobile, she will see all the tasks assigned to her. When she completes any of them or adds a remark, I would be able to see that immediately.

2.   I think of this song i want to download, this book to read, this movie to see... I can have these lists and update them on my mobile, ticking off what got done.

There are many other worthwhile features. What I still wonder is to what is their business model? The app is free and I do not see any advertisements. There are already 3.5 million users using this across the world.

Wishing you an interesting user-experience!

Warm regards,