Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Contribution received from super boss- A real story

Dear Reader,

In a recent workshop, we asked participants to share events where they experienced priceless contribution from others at work. This is what one person shared:

 “A few years ago I handled sales in Gorakhpur territory. The main distributor Mr Khosla was a big shot. Despite all my efforts, I could not organize a meeting with him.

My boss in Delhi kept following up on my targets, questioning my sales acumen that I couldn’t even get a meeting with the distributor in a month. I was at my wit’s end. One day I got a call from my super-boss Anil, from Mumbai. I explained my problem: Mr Khosla does not give appointments, instead gets junior employees to meet me.

Next evening, I got a call from my depot that Anil is coming tomorrow morning. Anil landed and said. “let’s go!!” As we went from meeting to meeting, I realized how much people in the trade respected him even after him being away for 4 years. He went to Mr Khosla’s office and got a meeting with him on the spot! Anil introduced me to him. He was humble & inspiring all along.

It changed me forever. Since then whenever I hear a manager in my team mentioning about his junior struggling in the field with remarks like “he can’t do it, it is not in him”, I encourage the manager to listen, understand & help the junior resolve it.

Today Anil is Asia Pacific CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

May this story inspire you to make your team members winners. We also welcome you to share experiences where you received priceless contribution from your peers and/or bosses.

Warm regards,