Monday, 19 March 2012

Bringing out the best in our dear ones – a story & an exercise


Let this blog find you shining and living to your full potential.

Here is a short story:

Once upon a time, there was a man who married a witch!!! She told him that she is under a peculiar curse. For 12 continuous hours in the day, she can be the most beautiful woman of this world. For balance 12 hours, she would be the ugliest woman. She asked him “For what part of a day do you want me to be beautiful?”

The man thought & thought. [There can be many answers. You can think about it. Some answers would point to a focus on self, while other answers may show a concern about other people’s opinions]

The man replied: “I leave it to you”.

She started crying. She told him “The curse was such that if I find someone who can honor my choice and let me be, then it will leave me”.

The curse left her. She chose to remain beautiful all her life!!!

I think there is a big learning in this short story on relationships & getting someone to his/her best. Imagine what will happen if we allow people around us to be themselves & choose for themselves, instead of imposing our choices.

An exercise
Here is an experiment you can do with your spouse / partner /close friends / kids:

-     Talk to the person, one on one
-     Look into his/her eyes
-     Give him/her a hug & say “No matter what happens, what you do, whether you follow my suggestions, one thing will remain forever – my love for you. I love you as you are, with all your habits, decisions & choices”.

A simple expression like this has an amazing impact on the person & the relationship. Remember to do all this with total authenticity.

I read somewhere that we get disoriented from our core, wishing to be like someone else or to fulfill expectations. One single person is enough to bring balance in you, if that person lets you BE yourself. You may choose to be such a person in the lives of your dear ones.

Wishing you a life where you encourage & enable your dear ones to be at their best, living their full potential.

Warm regards,

Rohan Singal

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