Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sphere of Silence - a practice to take charge of your day

Dear Reader,
Have you ever wished to be in-charge of your 24 hours? That one day you will remain calm and centered despite an ever-increasing, overwhelming to-do-list?? That one day you will have clarity on long term goals and progress towards those goals everyday?? Do you wish to live a life of choice, rather than reacting to day-to-day events?

I started to practice “Sphere of Silence” and found my days were more productive & running by my plan. It’s a concept created by Vijay Easwaran, a successful enterpreneur. Special thanks to Nithya Shanti for sharing this idea and Vijay’s book with us in his workshop.

The concept is to spend an hour in silence each day in a structured manner. One hour without any distraction or break, no mobile, laptop, mails or any other communication with anyone.

For this practice you need:
-       Journal / notebook & pen
-       a book to read
-       a clock (Insight Timer mobile app is useful)

The first 30 minutes of the practice is the Path of Duty, the next 20 minutes is the Path of Knowledge & last 10 minutes is the Path of Devotion

I.        The Path of Duty

Past (10 mins)
A.    Reflect back on yesteday and where you could have improved or done a task better
B.    Analyse why the task was not done, if not done

Present (10 mins)
A.    Write down all your plans for the day
B.    Underpromise & over deliver

Future (10 mins)
A.    Set your goals for next seven days.
B.    Set you short term goals for 12 months
C.    Set your long-term goals for 5 years
D.    Write these goals every single day

II.      The Path of Knowledge (20 mins)

1.     Pick a book from any field that will enhance your knowledge
2.     Read the book for 15 minutes
3.     For the next five minutes, summarzie all the important points you remember
4.     Check & add the points you have missed out
5.     Read these points the next day, before you continue reading the book.

III.    The Path of Devotion (10 mins)

This is your private conversation with the Creator / Creation / Universe / The Force. It is done in whatever way you feel comfortable. Pray seek and ask the questions in your heart that need answers. Your 10 minute reflection must also be written down.

I managed to find 1 hour despite my tight schedule! I have been practicing it daily for last 15 days in a row. I find it very effective. Best part is, it pulled me to itself instead of me pushing myself. Simply because it seems to be aligning me to my flow of life!

May this mail and the concept assist you in creating a life you desire.

Warm regards,

P.S. as on 4 May 2016 it is 60 days of daily practice!!