Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Hi Conflict ! Bye Conflict!! - a 60 minute FREE Webinar

This quarantine / lockdown is an opportunity to reflect, introspect and create a new level of authenticity in relationships.  Last three years I have researched on my tendency to avoid conflict and criticisms. I found ways to go beyond my need for approval and pleasing people.

The lessons learnt on authenticity in this process have transformed my life and relationships. In our workshops for leaders we created a module: “Authentic dialogue – handling elephants in the room”. Here participants learn to resolve real life conflicts. This has become one of the most profound and popular modules in our workshops.

I am offering a free webinar to share these insights:

In these 60 minutes you will learn:
  1. How to recover self & others from emotional hijack?
  2. How to speak up & be authentic in difficult situations?
  3. A practical framework to diffuse unresolved conflicts with people who matter
This webinar contains essence of my book: ‘Hi Conflict! Bye Conflict!’, scheduled to release in August 2020. I have included my profile and a short write up about the book at the end of this email, in case you wish to forward this email to others.

See you soon in one of the sessions.

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About the speaker

Rohan Singal is a workplace collaboration specialist, trainer and author. He has trained and mentored more than 4000 individuals. He is an MBA from IIM Calcutta and BTech from IIT Delhi.

Rohan is on a Mission - 1 million A.P.I.: to help more than a million lives to enhance Authenticity in relationships, Surface true Potential and Prosperity, Boost inner Immunity.

He is co-founder of Rejoiss Learning, a leadership training firm. He and his team help leaders globally to enhance their ownership of results and relationship and convert conflict into collaboration.

In his 27 years of experience, he has played role of an employee, employer, consultant and trainer. He has worked for ICICI Bank in project finance & treasury and with Proctor & Gamble in logistics. He has consulted with many reputed organizations and has also experienced a ‘start-up to sale’ cycle with a technology company as co-founder.

After living most of his life avoiding conflict, confrontation and criticism, he has discovered that in conflict and confrontation lies the key to authentic relationships and collaboration. His E.A.R. framework (Diffusing conflict by an authentic dialogue with Empathy, Authenticity & Respect) has been successfully implemented by many organizations.

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Releasing soon!
Hi Conflict! Bye Conflict!
How to get teams to collaborate despite conflict

In Hi conflict, Bye Conflict, Rohan Singal shares with you a simple and proven framework for turning any conflict into collaboration. This framework will help you create collaborative, authentic teams who channelize their energy towards top performance. Using this knowledge, you will be able to empower your teams to resolve conflicts themselves, instead of escalating or letting them fester. It will thus free your time and mind space for bigger goals and new ideas.

The framework can be used to build enriching, joyful, open relationships, not only at work but also at personal level.

This book is for business leaders. It facilitates a paradigm shift in thinking and approach on how to engage in difficult conversations. It integrates empathy, authenticity and respect to create an authentic dialogue in any situation.

This book also includes Rohan’s interviews with successful leaders, and their insights on how to transform unresolved conflicts to collaborative relationships.