Monday, 19 September 2016

3 simple ways to enhance our internal immunity to safeguard from illnesses

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Last few weeks, I heard from many friends about incidences of them or their family members having fever like viral, dengue or chikungunya. I was told that in Delhi, there was a waiting list for getting admitted in many hospitals.

Ever wondered why some people catch fever and others in the same household or locality do not? Can we say that those mosquitoes or viruses selectively chose these people? Is it linked to internal immunity? How do I improve my immunity instead being in fear or suspense of when my turn may come?

THAC – The Health Awareness Centre in Worli, Mumbai gave me an answer from basic principles.

If a seed is thrown on a tiled floor, will it grow into a plant? No. Why? Because it needs an environment that supports its growth. Similarly, dengue or viruses need an acidic environment to grow.

Our body is alkaline by design. If we maintain the alkaline environment in our body, even if any of these viruses enter our system, they don’t find supportive environment and body defence system eliminates them with ease.

If we have acidic environment in the body, it is ready recipe to allow these viruses to grow.

What increases acid levels?

1.     Food leaving acidic residue on digestion: Food items including processed foods, animal products, milk & sugar leave acidic residue on digestion.

2.     Lack of sound sleep: Body needs 8 hours sleep in darkness in line with the Circadian cycle. Body does its repair and regeneration work while we sleep. This work is at its peak in the duration between 8 pm to 4 am. Liver cleanses kms of blood capillaries neutralising toxins and acids. It works to its best when brain is inactive.

3.     Excessive stress, buzz, thrill: In all of these situations our body generates adrenaline, cortisol, other hormones which leave behind an acidic residue. The feel good of constant adrenalin rush can have consequences for the body.

We can strengthen our immunity levels by consciously balancing the acid causing activities in our life-styles.

1.     Adding foods that leave alkaline residue: Fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, nuts & sprouts.

2.     Ensuring 8 hours of sleep in darkness, regularly. The sun sets slowly & our body follows a similar rhythm. Exposure to screens (phone, TV, Kindle, Computers etc.) hinders the sleep hormone melatonin from being generated.

3.     Balancing excessive buzz with spending quiet time, soft music, having aroma around you, dimming lights after sunset etc.

Some more understanding on fever, why it happens and how to assist the body to heal itself is given here on THAC FB Post on fever.

Wishing you wellness and strong immunity ahead.

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