Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sending you love & light

This Diwali, may your light shine brighter within you.

May your cup of joy always overflow and spread to your dear ones & all those who come in your orbit

With love & smiles,

Rohan & Ruchi

Friday, 10 October 2014

Some useful practical affirmations for life

Let this blog find you connected with the power of your intent & declaration.

For past many years, we have experimented with the power of what we say and think within. We found, our words & thoughts hugely impact all our life experiences.

Most of us have a continuous self-talk going on in our mind. Many times this internal conversation may be judging / berating self, feeling restless, or announcing scarcity of time, money, resources… Or we feel guilty that we are not giving time to xyz, kids, family, near & dear ones, passion, or our core purpose of life. What we have found is that we can override this self-talk by some affirmations and be the commanders of our life experiences!

We have shared these affirmations overtime, with many of our friends & workshop participants. You may find them useful too.

Read these affirmation with lot of love & compassion for yourself – daily. Add / edit as appropriate for you: be sure to use positive words, be specific and say what you really want to happen in your life.

Love & accept self
I accept myself. I love myself & cherish my human form. I am at peace with myself. I am a perfect creation. The creator is within me & I am the script writer of my life. Every situation I come across has been crafted by me to learn & become wiser & stronger.

I revoke & cancel any invitation ever given to any illness.  I choose to be well. I request my body system to heal itself immediately. I promise to nurture it from now on.

Unwanted situations / jam
I revoke & cancel any invitation ever given to this situation / jam. Let a white light & love energy pass through all concerned with this situation & purify their configuration. Let me be guided to resolve it. I choose to learn from it & raise my awareness.

Turbulence / unknown
I request the creation for the strength and wisdom needed to support me in tough times. I accept and include the unknown with power and grace to accomplish my true purpose in this life. I release all disruptive emotions & thoughts in me to the void of the universe.

Create a future
Let today be one of the most fabulous days of my life. Let me discover many new capacities of mine today. Let me connect to progressive energies and ideas today.

I choose to live a life full of vitality. I choose to have my body, mind & spirit all working perfectly at all times. I take total accountability of my life.

I request creation to guide me & connect me with my true passion & a professional expression. I choose to harness my true potential & fulfil my purpose in life.

I choose to shine like a star & encourage others to shine out of their own light.


Please note that when powered by true intent & love for self, these affirmations come into action. When read for the sake of reading, they remain just words.

With lots of smiles,