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Welcome to the world of transformational coaching

I am Rohan Singal, Author & Transformation coach for leaders. I have helped more than 5000 people across the world to be their best version, have an enhanced impact & influence on all stake holders, deliver top performance and build authentic relationships.

I lived through 4 stages in my life:

1.     Middle class inferiority complex: (Till 15 years). I could not speak in English, was scared of public speaking, came for a below average financial background.

2.     Chasing Excellence:(Till 27 years). I tried my best to cover the complex by studying hard, attending all classes, scoring good ranks, getting selected in reputed colleges like IIT Delhi & IIM Calcutta, being one of the toppers.

Hollowness remained.

3.     Making others winners (27 year onwards). I met a mentor Debu who shifted my focus from covering my complex by winning to accepting myself and shifting to making others winners. That was a totally different experience. With that orientation, my performance at work went to a new high, I made a lot of friends as well.

4.     Dare to be Authentic (47 year onwards). I had 40+ years of experience avoiding conflicts. Especially with people who mattered in my life. I also felt very resentful with myself and in my head curse the other person who got away with my soft attitude. I decided to learn, embrace conflict & criticism head on. Since then, found better ways.

I learnt that while being passive, avoiding conflicts is detrimental for any leader; being aggressive in a conflict and overriding the other party comes with different costs – you create silent enemies who wish for your failure, ownership gets upwardly delegated to you, people become inauthentic with you; you thus create a drag for your own progress.


There is a better way. You can share your truth authentically without damaging the relationship with key people in your life – at work and outside work. I also learnt that conflict is an advance teacher and is central for any leadership mastery.


As I implemented these concepts, I experienced a lot of freedom, inner coherence, joy and best part was that the quality of my relationships – personal & professional went to a new high. With my experiences and exploration with self, at home and with lot of mentee leaders, I wrote a book – Hi conflict! Bye Conflict! how to get teams to collaborate despite conflict. It was launched on 24 April 2021.

The theme of my life thus has been deep personal transformation especially for last 25 years. I realized that it is possible to deliver results as well has have high quality relationships. It is possible to have all of it: to do meaningful work, that the world pays for, that you are good at and that you love doing, an Ikigai moment.   


I now coach senior leaders (CXO, CEOs) & promoters to bring out their best version. I love to actively listen, provide them a neutral sounding board. I help them identify and release handbrakes in their leadership journey. I create a safe place for them to express, explore and transform most difficult narratives, internal dialogues & shadows. 


I have realized how gifted we all are, that we are guided, protected & loved. This makes me smile perennially. The smile and easy sense of humor builds a light environment and puts people at ease, they let go their guard, and switch from protection mode to growth mode. They participate, contribute & learn faster.


I speak business language and understand P&L. I grasp the essence of a business very quickly, having worked in treasury, project finance, running a software firm, doing institutional sales, mentoring senior leaders across the globe.


Contact me at if you are interested in getting your self/ your leaders

  • work at their best version, with their purpose aligned with the firm
  • root for each others’ success,
  • hold each other accountable to play their best game
  • dare to be authentic with difficult people in difficult situations.
  • remain centred in turbulent situations & lead the required change

I do this with a combination of 1 to 1 mentoring and group coaching over 6 months. Some client testimonials are shared here:


Thank you !!


Rohan Singal



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