Monday, 23 November 2020

Easy access to 28 videos - 12 hours of recording - Power of Intent - 30 day challenge

Dear Reader,

30 days of Power of Intent challenge is over. I learnt a lot and enjoyed conducting Live session daily for these 4 weeks.

I decided to share the Power of Intent with everyone on Linked In live as it is the need of the hour for everyone to connect with this original gift that all of us have. This can help us handle the current situation with power and poise.

This helped us immensely in April 2020 when our business was stalled due to covid & lockdown. We could stay centered and slowly explored different ways to conducting sessions online and reaching clients as well as manage life without normal support system. Despite all the restrictions, setbacks and challenges, last 7.5 months have ended up being the best times of our lives.

I wish that and more for you as well. I learnt that it is not about our background or situation, it is about our belief and state of being that can turn any challenge. In this series I shared simple practical ways to access this gift.

Whether you are a corporate employee or entrepreneur or freelancer, this program can help you bring your personal and professional dreams closer to you.

Some of you may not have found time to attend the sessions daily.

Based on requests received, I am making all the 28 video recordings of the Live series (done between 20 Oct - 18 Nov 2020) of 12 hours duration, available on Teachable platform in an easy, accessible, sequential format at a nominal convenience charge of Rs. 990/-.

You can still do this 30 day challenge by watching one video daily and following the suggestions. Start Now.

You can get your 180 day access using this link

This includes:

  • What is the power of intent?
  • How intent works?
  • How to write an intent?
  • Sharing by senior leaders - their experiences
  • Mastermind coaching sessions on specific intents by 5 participants
  • How to handle uncontrollables?
  • Effect of vibes on everything
  • Grand finale zoom session - with power of visualization exercise
  • and many other videos along with lots of Q&A with participants

 This is how it looks on teachable platform: 


Payment Link to get 180 days access to 28 videos

Wishing you a next level of ability to handle all the opportunities and challenges with poise using power of intent.

Warm regards,


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