Friday, 23 October 2020

Power of Intent - 30 day challenge - ready reckoner of all videos

Here are links to the primers videos to the 30 day challenge and some of the live videos: To access the full series on teachable, use the following Link:

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Video 1:What is the Power of Intent?

Our mind works in mysterious way. Someone aptly called our thoughts ‘Aladdin’ and the universe a ‘Genie’ that is listening to every thought & executing them. With faith & belief in ourselves and by connecting to the universal force, we can manifest a lot of miracles in our life.

Through my new 30 days LinkedIn live series, ‘Power of Intent’, I wish to share with you a systematic methodology that will make you aware of the potential of intent and how you can utilize it to make some powerful transformations in your life.

To give you a small gist of what lies ahead in the series, here’s a magic trick to grow the size of your palm. Don’t think I’ve gone crazy. 😊 Watch this video and you’ll know how powerful our intent is

Video #2 Take the 30 Day Challenge - Power of Intent

Here’s a 30-day challenge for you to transform your life.

My new series, ‘Power of Intent’, is much more than instructional videos. It is a 30-day interactive journey. I will guide you on the way, if needed suggest corrections and help you unleash the power of intent.

For your first task, I want you all to make a pendulum. Watch the video to know more about how you can execute the first task.  

Video #3:  Power of Intent - the Pendulum 

If you think that your body only reacts to the active signals from your brain, then you are in for a surprise! Once you have watched this video, you will know exactly what the primary barrier in your mind is, that makes it difficult for you to achieve what you want. Once you have identified the barrier, we will work towards removing it in the subsequent videos.

I hope you have your pendulums handy!

Video #4: Experience Sharing with a senior leader

Sachin Sharma, CEO Thimar Al Arabiya, shares with us the two transformations he was able to make in his life using the power of Intent. The first one being something as simple as finding his car in the fastest moving lanes at toll nakas, unlike before where he would get stuck in the slowest moving lane.
The other, a far more significant one, was converting a spot at London Business School for an MBA when the spots were full.

Do watch this video to hear the full story of how Sachin has been deploying the 'Power of Intent' to make beautiful transformations in his life

Video #5 How to write Intent

Writing intent is like laying the foundations on which you will work towards your achieving your dreams. The universe needs CLARITY on what you want and it should be communicated to the universe as SIMPLY as possible.

Do watch the video to know how to write ‘clear’ and ‘simple’ intent.

Video #6: Experience sharing with a senior leader

Arvind krishnan, MD – South East Asia Bacardi, shares with us his experiences of manifesting some remarkable outcomes for personal and team projects using Power of Intent. 

Video # 7 : Dealing with uncontrollables.

This was my most favourite session: In this session on 27 October we covered how to focus on controllables and deal with uncontrollable, asking support from universe and senior partner. 

Even if you missed this Live series, you can begin anytime and reclaim your original gift.  

Warm regards,

Rohan Singal 

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